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Parenting Arrangements & Child Support

What is a Parenting Plan?

by Jack Hensley

A parenting plan is a written agreement signed by each parent. A parenting plan can deal with many matters involving your children including:

  1. where your children is going to live;
  2. the time your children is to spend with each parent;
  3. when and how the children will communicate with each parent and perhaps other family members;
  4. how you, as parents, are going to managing important decisions for you children such as:
    • what school will they attend;
    • how will you address educational needs of each child;
    • which activities a child will be involved such as sport, music;
    • how you will deal with disagreements about important decisions;
    • how you will communicate with each other, such as a communication book, email, text message;
    • the process to be used for changing the parenting plan, such as attending upon a family consultant.

The scope of issues that a parenting plan can cover is very broad and will vary depending on the circumstances of your particular family. However, it is important to consider how prescriptive the parenting plan needs to be as strict requirements can sometimes be productive of conflict.

It is important to note that parenting plans are not enforceable by the Court, however, they can be a very useful in promoting cooperative parenting and minimising conflict.

If you would like further information regarding parenting plans or parenting orders please contact us to discuss.