Rosemary Norgate

Rosemary Norgate

Solicitor Director, Accredited Specialist (Family Law)

Phone: +61 2 8907 7700
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Rosemary Norgate is an Accredited Family Law Specialist in New South Wales and a collaborative lawyer whose practice includes a wide range of both property and parenting matters.

Rosemary specialises in assisting clients with complex financial settlements and agreements, including matters involving difficult valuation issues and drafting financial agreements entered into prior to or upon the commencement of a relationship and those with an international aspect.

Rosemary also specialises in parenting matters and has considerable involvement in Family Court matters. She offers practical, considered and child focused advice and representation.

Although experienced in litigation, Rosemary is committed to achieving positive outcomes for clients through collaborative law, negotiation, mediation and other less adversarial processes.

Prior to returning to family law, Rosemary was a senior associate with King Wood & Mallesons in dispute resolution.


Rosemary Norgate


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