Every business eventually reaches a tipping point; a moment where it either stagnates and becomes complacent, or it seeks further development and new challenges. Today, Pigdon|Norgate is one of Sydney’s leading family law firms and we believed it was time to give our brand a fresh new look.

We engaged award-winning brand design studio Sonnet to help us reimagine our brand while remaining true to the values that brought us here. Sometimes it takes an outsider to clearly see what sets you apart. 

With the team at Sonnet, we developed a new visual identity around the concept of balance. Because every case is different, we deliver genuine value to our clients when we can help them navigate these times of distress with a strategy that suits their circumstances. It is each case that determines the right balance of bold and pragmatic, logic and intuition, a personal touch and a collaborative approach.

P|N is built on a balanced approach to family law, one that puts all our experience and resources at the service of our client’s interests. Every member of our team practices family law with empathy and transparency, fundamentally committed to the idea of helping people move forward.

This website is the most visible platform for the new brand. We want it to become a place where potential clients can learn more about P|N, our approach and our team. It will also offer more streamlined opportunities to connect and engage with us. 

We plan to roll out more applications of our new brand over the coming months. Stay tuned.