Parents have an obligation to pay child support for their children as determined by the formula set out in the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 (“Act”). The formula takes into account the circumstances of each parent and each child including:

  • each parent’s taxable income which is currently capped at $181,155;

  • the number of dependent children for each parent;

  • the child’s age;

  • the number of nights each child is in each parent’s care (the formula considers nights not days;

  • the costs of caring for children in accordance with tables determined by the child support agency;

  • each parent’s income up to the cap which is currently $181,155.

You can estimate how much you may be required to pay or be entitled to receive by way of child support using the child support estimator here.

There are circumstances where you can seek to increase or reduce the child support you pay or are entitled to receive.  You can also reach a private agreement for the payment of child support.

If you would like further information regarding child support please contact us.